The Future of Cord Blood & Tissue Banking Has Arrived

You only have one chance to store your child’s youngest available stem cells potentially the best bio-insurance available to anyone! Ask the critical question

How many live stem cells can you provide my child?

Exclusive to VitalCells, our revolutionary processing technique, CellMaxx™, now makes it possible to grow potentially billions of your newborn’s cells. With 10x more live stem cells in our introductory plan and more than 1000x live stem cells possible than leading US competitors, you can take comfort knowing your child will have access to more stem cells throughout their lifetime.

Research shows that there are only 1-3 million live stem cells natively available in a cord blood and cord tissue sample, yet there are current clinical studies administering at least 1 million stem cells per 2.2 pound of body weight. Given that most small children and adults weigh greater than 3-6 pounds, it’s unlikely there will be sufficient live banked stem cells for even one treatment without CellMaxx.

CellMaxx™ Process Ensures

  • Only newborn bank that can culture expand the MSC’s (though CellMaxx)
  • More than 1000x live stem cells possible versus leading competitors
  • Cells available for multiple requests
  • 100% Elimination of toxic Red Blood Cells (competitors only reduce - not eliminate)
  • Safely protecting and managing cells for life
  • Live stem cell count guaranteed (only newborn (bank) in US to make this promise)