VitalCells Banking Plans

Basic Banking Bio-Insurance Banking
Guaranteed 10 Million LIVE Stem Cells Guaranteed 100, 250 or 500 Million LIVE Stem Cells
Available 3 Weeks After Request Available Within 48 Hours of Request
Includes 1st Year Annual Storage Fee Includes 1st Year Annual Storage Fee
Contact Us For Comprehensive Banking Plan Costs

*Save on annual stem cell storage fees with 10, 18 and 25-year prepaid storage plans.

In addition to the benefits of cord blood & tissue banking, plans include:
  • Cryo-Preserved MSC from cord blood & tissue
  • Certified sterility from an FDA Registered CGTP lab
  • Guaranteed total live MSC stem cell count *included in price
  • Option to grow more cells throughout child's life
  • Easy cell access with medical provider
Need a payment plan?

VitalCells new flexible financing options, where parents can opt to collect more of their newborn's stem cells at birth, providing more cells for future medical use. Pay for a banking and storage plan in a one-time fe - or to spread out payments with a payment plan. Contact us to learn more.