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Company Story & Mission

Company story and mission

The genesis of VitalCells generated from our adult stem cell banking service at American Cell Technology (ACT). ACT is a personal (autologous) stem cell bank that partners with regenerative medical professionals nationwide through processing and storing adult autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) derived from the clients adipose (fat) or bone marrow for potential future medical or regenerative use as determined by you and your personal physician.

We are putting health into the hands of parents, empowering you to store your child’s youngest, healthiest cells for use TODAY and throughout their lifetime. Our mission is to continue educating on the advancements of stem cell therapy within regenerative medicine. In an industry that is constantly evolving and improving, it is our priority to stay on the forefront of change and demonstrate the safety and power of stem cell therapy.

At VitalCells, we prioritize offering an honest service that allows your child to easily access potentially BILLIONS of their own cells TODAY. With VitalCells, you are the custodian of your child’s cells, and you can access these cells throughout their life.

Our goal is to be your trusted newborn banking educator and ensure that you understand what is most important:

  • The number of live stems available today for your child
  • The access your child has to their live cells today and throughout their lifetime