VitalCells by American Cell Technology laboratory provides leading edge personal stem cell banking services to collect, process, grow and store adult and newborn autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells (your own MSCs) for potential future medical or regenerative use as determined by you and your personal physician.

Why VitalCells?

VitalCells by American Cell Technology provides a safe and trusted environment to store personal stem cells. Whether you’re saving the stem cells from the birth of a new family member or banking your own adult stem cells, VitalCells utilizes our proprietary xeno-free technology and GMP facility to take care of your cells. Doctors and scientists continue to advance the field of stem cell therapy. It’s become evident that your own cells have tremendous value for you. VitalCells grows millions of your own cells in a sterile environment, cryopreserves (freezes in liquid nitrogen) them and will make them available when requested in the future.

Your Personal Cells

Store your own cells, with your own DNA, only available for you.

Trusted By Thousands

Join the already thousands of people banking their cells with VitalCells.

FDA Registered

ACT operates a cGMP compliant, ISO-7 certified, FDA-registered lablab.


VitalCells uses proprietary technology and the highest quality media when working with your cells.