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Stem Cell Technology

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Stem Cell Technology

MYTH: Banking whole cord tissue is the same as banking Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) with VitalCells.

REALITY: From a fresh cord tissue, there are only 1 to 3 million live mesenchymal stem cells. If the cord tissue is frozen with the MSCs, instead of completely isolating the MSCs from the cord, fewer viable MSCs will be available after storage with frozen tissue. When family cord blood banks offer their clients “storage of MSCs from cord tissue,” most of them freeze a segment of tissue without extracting MSCs. Additionally, VitalCells stores vials that contain at a minimum 10 million live MSCs (10x more than the traditional family bank) and offers packages to pre-grow and store up to 500 million live MSCs that can be used to yield more live Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the future.

VitalCells always provides precise live stem cell counts. Alternatively, from traditional family banks, no live stem cell count is provided, but rather a misleading Total Nucleated Cell (TNC) count. TNC is a combination of total dead and alive stem cells. At traditional banks, a live stem cell count pre and post storage would show a reduction in the limited amount of viable stem cells that were frozen with blood or tissue. This may lead to limited capabilities of culture expanding these MSCs in the future given the small amount of live MSCs..

Why has VitalCells invested in the proprietary technology, CellMaxx?

Processing the cord tissue before cryopreserved directly affects how many stem cells are viable at the time for retrieval. VitalCell’s processing includes both isolation of pure mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and culture expands to let these cells self-replicate in a healthy and sterile environment t. Research studies have shown that mesenchymal stem cells’ viability from fresh cord tissue is- 8 times better than from frozen cord tissue. At VitalCells, once isolated, we culture the cells to grow in large numbers, then cryopreserve them. This is why VitalCells can provide an honest answer for how many viable stem cells are being preserved.

Exclusive to VitalCells, our revolutionary processing technique, CellMaxx, now makes it possible to grow potentially billions of your newborns’ cells. With 10X more live stem cells in our introductory plan and more than 1000X live cells possible than the leading US competitors. You can take comfort knowing your child will have access to more stem cells throughout their lifetime.