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More Stem Cells Possible Than Leading Competitors

With CellMaxx™ Processing and Only Available at VitalCells.


Toxic Red Blood Cells Removed to Ensure Cells are Viable & Healthy

VitalCells removes all toxic red bloods while leading competitors simply reduce the count.


Less Expensive Than Leading Competitors In the United States

When comparing "apples to apples" and the price per million stem cells.

After initial processing fees, VitalCells' price per million live mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) starts at $50, which is roughly 50% savings over leading competitors. On average, our entry-level plan has 10x more live MSC's than leading competitors' starter plans. For those looking for more protection, we offer plans that allow you to bank potentially billions of your newborn's MSCs and have them available to you immediately. This is possible via CellMaxx™, our proprietary technology, that allows us to process and store up to 1000x more than leading US competitors.

 VitalCells offers various Bio-Insurance and Longevity programs that allow you to have up to 500 million MSCs available immediately upon request. This is a powerful option for parents wanting to have hundreds of millions of cells available in case of an emergency or other uses. At VitalCells, we believe banking your newborn’s cord blood and tissue stem cells are one of the most important decisions you can make for your baby and family. VitalCells believes that each newborn banked is unique and your package should be too. Set up a consultation with VitalCells today and let us create your bespoke banking plan that fits your family’s needs.

Yes. Contact VitalCells directly to discuss our various payment plan options. All payment plans are offered directly from VitalCells in an efficient and timely manner, with no credit pulls required.

Yes. VitalCells ensures at least 10 million live mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) during the initial processing or your money back! VitalCells values the importance of live stem cells to ensure that we are offering a very high-quality and useful service. Our goal is to be a lifetime partner with you and your family!

At VitalCells, we not only bank your newborn’s cord blood and tissue, but we go the extra mile to ensure your newborn's cells are healthy and viable should you need them. We do this by extracting your newborn’s precious stem cells before cryopreservation. This is a critical step given if the stem cells are not extracted from the tissue prior, studies show cell quantity and viability are dramatically diminished.

Often banks freeze the cord tissue in pieces without stem cells being extracted from the sample before cryopreservation. This is problematic as research shows if you wait to extract stem cells after cryo-freezing, there is a significant reduction in live stem cells available from a previously frozen cord tissue sample. 2

In addition to posting a very serious safety concern, we believe it’s completely unnecessary to cryo-preserve the placenta to obtain more stem cells. With our proprietary technology, CellMaxx™ can extract potentially 1,000x more live MSCs than leading competitors, including those who extract stem cells from the placenta. At VitalCells, we can obtain potentially billions of your newborn’s mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) using only the cord blood and cord tissue samples, and therefore there is no need for any other sample types.

We offer a variety of annual storage plans for newborn stem cells. Our basic plan allows clients to pay an annual storage fee. VitalCells also offers discounted prepaid storage plans for 10, 18, or 25 years that lock in your storage costs upfront, which provides greater savings.

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Exclusive to VitalCells, the revolutionary processing technique, CellMaxx™, allows us to process and grow up to 1000x more live stem cells vs leading newborn banking technologies - and at half the price! Plus, as the only newborn bank in the United States to guarantee live stem cell count, you can rest easy knowing if ever needed, your child will have access to more cells, more samples, and more treatments. For a personal quote, please fill out the form to the right