I’ve been practicing regenerative medicine since 2013, with a heavy focus on stem cell therapy that began in 2016. In that time, I’ve had the privilege of treating thousands of patients and learning so much about the power of stem cells, both scientifically and clinically. One of the things I learned was just how much was lacking in the cord blood industry – from both a newborn banking and clinical application perspective. At the time of writing this, I am pregnant with my third child and had never previously opted to bank cord blood with either of my two babies, despite my knowledge of how powerful stem cells are. This was because of two main reasons: 1) No bank could ever tell me exactly how many stem cells we would have access to, and 2) No bank could guarantee I’d ever actually be able to easily access them. VitalCells corrects for both of those by not only guaranteeing live cell count, but by ensuring cells are available for use at any point in time with a simple request. No hoops to jump through, no guessing what is actually in the sample, just integrity and quality. There is no other bank I’d trust with my child’s cells. I’m only mad they weren’t available for my first two!