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Not All Newborn Cord Blood & Cord Issue Banks Are Created Equal

Get up to 1,000x more live stem cells at half the price. Our revolutionary processing technique, CellMaxx™, allows us to grow potentially billions of your newborn’s cells in a sterile environment. All cell samples undergo infectious disease screening, multiple forms of sterility testing, and viability testing to make sure that your cells stay healthy and viable for many years to come.

Services + Features VitalCells CBR Cryocell ViaCord
Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) InHouse Lab, Technology to Extract, Grow & Cryopreserve Cells Only to extract and preserve cells
Total Live MSC Yield from Processing Method Included in Price 10 Million+ Guaranteed Option for up to 500 mm MSCs available Potentially 1-3 Million Total MSCs Not Guaranteed
Stem Cell Packages That Guarantee Live Cells Available Within 48 Hours *Bio-Insurance Offers 3 Packages *Up to 500 Million Live Cells Not Offered Not Offered Not Offered
Base Cost Per 10 Million Mesenchymal Stem Cells After Initial Processing Fee $500 Additional savings offered through Bio-Insurance Plans Not Offered Not Offered Not Offered
Cord Tissue Collection Includes Cost to Extract Cord Tissue Cells Not Offered Not Offered
Families That Have Received Their Banked Stem Cells for MSC Regenerative Treatments Thousands 0 0 0
Easily Access MSCs for Regenerative Therapy
Partnerships with Regenerative Medicine Experts Nationally
Invested in Proprietary Stem Cell Processing Technology
Lab is FDA Registered
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** Accessed 4.1.22
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