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The Vitalcells Difference

What makes VitalCells stand out above the rest?

VitalCells is the next generation in newborn stem cell banking. Focusing solely on Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs are multipotent stem cells, meaning they have the natural ability to differentiate into many other functional cell types: bone, cartilage, muscle, neural tissue, blood vessels, and more. Research has shown MSCs can help calm an overactive immune system, often associated with autoimmune conditions or cytokine storms. These qualities enable stem cells to replace or repair aged, diseased, or damaged cells in our body and have the potential to reverse complex injuries as they encourage damaged cells to repair tissues, ligaments, or nerves.

More cells preserved with CellMaxxTM

VitalCells is the only bank to offer a revolutionary processing technique allowing us to grow potentially billions of your newborn’s cells in a sterile environment, increasing their ability and potential to repair in the future.

Live Stem Cell Count Guarantee – The only cell count that matters

We are the only bank that offers a live MSC stem cell count guarantee—we never fabricate our numbers with cells that are not viable.

Total elimination of toxic red blood cells

We ensure that 100% of toxic red blood cells are eliminated, creating the safest environment for your child’s cells.

More stem cells for your money

We are more affordable than the US leading competitors when considering the number of LIVE cells your child has access to. There are no hidden fees at the time of retrieval.

Partnerships With Regenerative Medicine Physicians Nationwide with American Cell Technology

The genesis of VitalCells generated from our adult stem cell banking service at American Cell Technology (ACT). ACT is a personal (autologous) stem cell bank that partners with regenerative medical professionals nationwide through processing and storing adult autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) derived from the clients adipose (fat) or bone marrow for potential future medical or regenerative use as determined by you and your personal physician.

Our extensive network and industry relationships nationwide allow us to connect clients with top physicians to provide further information and education about potential uses for your cells.


"Your Newborn Has Potentially Billions More Stem Cells"

#1 Recommended Cord Blood & Tissue Newborn Stem Cell Bank By Medical Doctors and Scientists
With CellMaxx™ your newborn has potentially billions of more stem cells available throughout their lifetime than what is traditionally available in a newborn’s cord blood, tissue, or placenta samples combined.